Why do you need asset protection

Why not cover your assets if you already insure your home, car, and health?

An asset protection trust can be created for you or your family.

The use of asset protection strategies is a way to safeguard one’s money. Financial planning often includes an asset protection strategy to shield an individual’s assets from creditors’ claims by prohibiting the creditor from obtaining certain valued assets.

In this sense, effective asset protection should start before a dispute or duty occurs.
Asset protection aids in protecting assets in a legitimate way without turning to fraud, contempt, or tax evasion.
Another strategy to manage what happens to your assets after death is to include asset protection in your estate plan. Unfortunately, after your death, your assets will be considerably more at risk. It’s possible for creditors to challenge your last intentions and seize the assets you leave to your beloved, even if you have an estate plan in place.

The assets included in trusts are safeguarded when they are properly created and funded. Either create an asset protection trust or a permanent trust and choose a trustee to manage your assets. Trusts restrict your ability to control your assets, making it more difficult for lenders to connect you to your trust.

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