UK Pension Transfers

Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes

Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes (ROPS) have now replaced QROPS and they are pensions that are located in offshore financial centres.


Through our expertise and knowledge in this area, we can assist you in making correct decisions regarding everything that is related to ROPS. Our aim is to give you the flexibility you need as well as the control to take care of your finances.


We have the experience that can assist you in transferring your UK pension to a recognised HM Revenue Customer jurisdiction offshore while we can offer our advice and guidance, allowing you to benefit in ways that often UK-based savers cannot. We appreciate the importance of saving for your future and that is why we always put your priorities first as part of our service.


We will ensure that every benefit that comes with ROPS provisions are available to you if you have been a non-UK tax resident for a minimum of 10 years. We can assist you in withdrawing up to 25% of your savings and we can provide advice regarding passing your wealth onto any beneficiary. Our entire service is tailored to your specific needs and because we understand just how important a pension can be, we are on hand to remove any complexities, providing you with clear, impartial advice. This will enable you to focus on your future and make your money work for you in the best possible way because your pension is an important part of your future and that is something that we fully recognise.

Self-Invested Personal Pensions

At CI-Associates, our aim is to help you gain greater control over your finances, particularly where your pension is concerned. We understand that planning for the future is vital and that is why we are here to help you. Whether you already have self-invested personal pensions and require assistance or you are looking to being a self-invested personal pension, you can rely on our expert support and guidance to help you make the right choices.


A SIPP is best suited to investors who want to obtain a great level of control over the way in which their wealth is managed as well as their financial assets and so, we are on hand to assist with your needs by helping you to make informed decisions.


SIPPS are pensions that hold investments up to the point where you retire and begin to draw an income during your retirement. In some respects, they work in the same way as a standard personal pension but they offer an enhanced level of flexibility whereby you can choose your investments.


If you require any kind of assistance regarding your investments then we adopt a professional approach that is supported by our high-level of knowledge within our industry to provide you with advice that you can trust. We understand that making investments can prove challenging but we are here to work with you. We believe that you should have the freedom to take control over your finances but we also believe that you should benefit from returns that continue to benefit you well into your retirement years.


Some of the benefits that come with SIPPS include:

• 100% Control and a wide choice of risk appropriate investments.
• You can consolidate multiple pension schemes.
• Flexi Access from age 55 or GAD rates.
• Pension Commencement Lump Sum (PCLS) a guaranteed 25%.

Qualifying Non-UK Pension Scheme

At CI-Associates, we understand how important it is for UK Citizens, regardless of whether they live in the UK or in another location to plan for the future, particularly if they want to retire in the UK.


We believe in taking a versatile approach to the way that we work and that is why we build relationships with our clients to ensure that they get the most from this flexible scheme and its tax advantages.


Our understanding of this complex scheme can help you to turn your pension fund into a dynamic asset that can be used in a number of ways. From paying into your QNUPS with cash, assets or a residential property, we ensure that you really do maximise its potential at every opportunity.


This unique product allows you to draw down a lump sum and continue to invest which is something that can not be achieved with a QROPS and beyond retirement, you can continue to pay into and with a regular income. This gives you the ability to identify whether you want to continue working or simply retire.


As part of our service, we will ensure that you make use of the benefits afforded to you while providing our invaluable advice that relates to contributions, investing, exemption from UK inheritance tax and many other areas associated with QROPS.