Will the Chilean Peso ever recover?

Political turmoil across Latin America in the second half of 2019 has caused several national currencies to fluctuate considerably in...

5 common mistakes Expatriates make with their money

1. Buyings the wrong investment products There are a lot of investment products out there and it can be difficult...

The Three Key Benefits of Investing Abroad

Nowadays, more and more people are looking further afield to consolidate their wealth. With the correct advisors, a diverse portfolio...

Is Chile's AFP Still Good for Investors?

For many years, Chile’s neoliberal economy has been seen as an incredible opportunity for foreign investment. Highlighted in particular by...

What to Consider when Investing Abroad

Foreign investment is becoming an increasingly popular method of wealth management, and with good reason. Our previous blog outlined the...

What the Chile Crisis Means for Investment

The last few months have seen continually escalating protests rock Chile, as what started as a small protest has led...

Have an Irregular Income? Get Financially Secure

There are some professions where the income is far from regular. This could include artists, freelancers and consultants. While it...

Financial Planning Decisions that Seem Smart But Aren’t

Financial planning is not just about money. It is about identifying life goals and life events. Therefore, you should take...

Generation X – They Aren’t Saving For Pensions

The cost of living is on the rise and that is changing the way in which people live their lives....

Financial Literacy – The Importance of it in the Workplace

Whether you are an investor or not, financial literacy is something that should concern all. However, if you are an...

People are Struggling to Save Money

Studies have suggested that 25% of adults are struggling to save money. This has been put down to highly monthly...

Wealth Management and Money Management – The Difference

For many, money management and wealth management might seem like the same thing and this is a mistake that many...

Easy Access Accounts – You Don’t Always Need Them

Whether it is keeping the home running or preparing for unexpected car repairs, having the ability to deal with these...

Is Equity Release a Wise Move?

Equity release has changed in recent years but it seems as though more people over the age of 55 are...

How Better Financial Management Can Improve Your Business

Every business is there to make money and so, a steady flow of profit is its main goal. While many...

International Investment Portfolios are Different to Domestic Portfolios

If you are someone who has a keen interest in investing or you already invest in some way, then you...

Why You Should Use a Trust

When it comes to financial planning, a trust can be a very useful and effective way of ensuring your loved...

The Habits You Should Avoid During Retirement

Planning for retirement can prove challenging for most. However, getting past the choices that come your way shouldn't be difficult....

Is Private Medical Insurance Worth it?

In life, there are some insurances that we need such as property insurance or even life insurance but one thing...

Financial Advice Could be Worth as Much as £40,000

Studies have found that those people who seek financial advice could be an average of £40,000 better off than those...

Gifting – The Rules

When the time comes to distributing your legacy, you can give away as much you want. However, your executors will...

How We Choose Investments for Our Clients

Finding the right investment for every client begins with a client-focused point. Once the client circumstances, risk tolerance, risk capacity...

Help Your Investments Weather the Storm

As Brexit is still causing numerous problems for many, how it will affect us is still largely unknown on a...

Want to Avoid Investment Scams? Ask Yourself These Questions

At CI Associates, we are on hand to provide you with sound and professional investment advice that you can trust...

Saving for the Future -You are Never too Young

When you first began working, your money was your own and having that money to spend on the things you...

What is the Difference Between Saving and Investing?

Some of our earliest memories will involve our peers informing us about just how important it is to save for...

Monthly Market Update - February 2019

Please click the link below for the full Momentum Viewpoint Monthly Market Update - February 2019.

Chief Compliance Office Appointment

We are pleased to confirm that Kimberly Robinson Guevara was appointed to MMG Associates in the Role of Chief Compliance...

Financial Freedom – What does it mean to you?

What does being financially free mean to you? Would it mean leaving your job after saving all your life or...

Moving Abroad – What Happens to Your Pension?

Whether retirement seems a lifetime away or you are nearing retirement and looking to move abroad, you will naturally have...

Planning for Retirement? What is the Magic Number?

The stark reality of the situation is that many people are not saving enough. This means that when they retire...

Have You Saved Enough For Education Fees?

As a parent, naturally, you will want the best for your children and that certainly stands true for their education....

Should you Consolidate your Pensions?

If you are over the age of 50 in the UK, then you have already had a long and arduous...

Diversifying your Investment Portfolio in 4 Easy Ways

A portfolio can benefit from diversified investments because it limits the impact that individual investments can have. If you diversify...

What Can Happen if You Have No Financial Plan?

Life has a habit of throwing us surprises such as the loss of a job, disability or even illness, all...

Your Savings and Inflation – What does it all mean?

We all want to have savings behind us but high inflation can cause you problems and this is particularly true...

Why You Should Save for The Future

If you think that you should live life in the ‘here and now' then you might be taking the wrong...

Why You Must Start Investing For Your Child’s Education

As a parent, naturally, you will want the best for your children. You want to protect them, help them grow...

How To Prepare For Financial Freedom & Your Retirement

Everyone looks forward to the day that they retire. Whether you have plans for early retirement or you plan to...

An Expat Investment Guide – A Quick Guide

As an expat, you have access to a brand new world where there are opportunities aplenty. If you want to...

Are you losing half your pension growth to high fees? (AFP/APV)?

Many investors remain uncertain as to whether their investments are aligned with their retirement needs, and how much they are...

Why Invest?

Why Invest? Whenever a potential client comes to me and asks me to help them invest some money, my immediate...

(Q)ROPS: A Guide to Offshoring Your Pension

At CI-Associates we guide you through the steps involved in completing the (Q)ROPS transfer process. Transferring your UK pension fund...


Close to One Million British citizens living in the European Union are still faced with pension uncertainty, since receiving state...


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