Hospitality & Leisure Wealth Management
for global / nomadic expats

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Hospitality & Leisure Wealth Management for global / nomadic expats

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How We Work

We understand that careers in the travel and leisure industry are often disturbed or interrupted by global events. We also understand that because you are often working abroad, you may not eligible for local investment or retirement programs, and thus may be reluctant to invest in a country that you may only spend a short period of time in. Our range of opportunities are designed specifically with you in mind, and take into account changing locations and periods of inactivity between contracts.

As a hotelier, chef, teacher or seasonal worker, the chances are that you will move between employers quite regularly, have different or fluctuating levels of income and periods between jobs where there may be no income. The recent COVID 19 pandamic has highlighted the disruption to this sector in particular where a large proportion of employees had reduced salaries or even lost their jobs.

At CI Associates we will offer tailored solutions to allow for these periods of change; for example you may be earning a regular income and are saving a fixed amount per month, but during Covid with a reduced salary you could not afford to maintain your monthly savings plan. In most circumstances this may result in fees or even having to abandon the program but the options offered to you by CI Associates will be flexible to allow for pauses or changes in contribution amounts.

Your personalised dashboard will enable you to access all your funds data in real-time no matter which country you are working in, and our programs will allow you to change jobs, locations and contributions accordingly. You will have a centralised account manager so even if you move from China to Nigeria, your contact with us will be the same. Put simply we offer the most diverse and flexible investment options geared for a changing lifestyle where instability and changes may occur.


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Looking at worldwide assets?

Benefit from a centralised financial plan available worldwide.

You are under short term contracts?
We have you covered with tailored plans with built in flexibility to adapt to your situation changes.

Don’t know where to retire?

Easily manage multi-currency accounts and change their currency exposure over time. Save in a central currency like USD,EUR,GBP for example.

Dedicated Financial Advice

Our holistic plans will allow you to maintain contact 24/7 with your financial advisor, arrange face 2 face meetings globally or Zoom calls from anywhere in the world.

To ensure your money works hard for you.

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We help you see the world differently, discover opportunities you may never have imagined and achieve results that bridge what is with what can be.