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Our dedicated team of financial experts is committed to provide services that are custom-tailored to meet your unique needs.

Why Do You Need Financial Advice?

Embarking on a successful financial journey requires more than just good intentions. It demands a strategic plan tailored to your unique goals and circumstances. That’s where expert financial advice comes into play.
  • Personalized Solutions: Tailored financial strategies designed just for you.
  • Smart Investments: We provide insights and guidance to help you make informed decisions that maximize your returns.
  • Optimized Savings: From short-term goals to long-term dreams, we help you optimize your savings to meet your objectives, whether it’s buying a home, funding education, or planning for retirement.
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Why Choose

Since 1998, CI-Associates have pioneered the delivery of a wide range of financial solutions for individuals and businesses across Latin America and the world. From our origins in Santiago de Chile, we have grown to become a truly international firm with an exceptional reputation for client service. Built around our team of experienced international financial advisors, the service we provide is unrivalled in its flexibility. Our boutique methodology enables us to implement wealth management and investment strategies that evolve according to our clients’ ever-changing needs.

What Our Clients Say

Google Reviews
Caterina y Marc assisted me in every step of the process. Always attentive and providing the right advice and assistance. So far everything goes well... thanks!
Daniel de Vinatea
A lot of commitment from the work team, always willing to help at different stages of the process. I recommend it.
Nicolai Jochamowitz
Steve Gillespie has been working with me on my investments in the Hansard account for the past year and a half...
Pradeep Narasimhan
Very happy with both the initial approach from CI-Associates and the ongoing relationship with my adviser Luke Abbott...
Gordon Wells
CI-Associates are our go-to for financial and retirement planning. If you`re thinking about going, please make sure you ask for Vicente Rodriguez.
Jose Lopez

Comprehensive Financial Services Tailored to You

Wealth Management

Honest advice you need to ensure that your finances are kept safe and accessible, whilst being allowed to grow freely.

Retirement Planning

Saving for your retirement is perhaps the most important step on the way to long-term financial security.

Investment Planning

A robust investment strategy that will continue to suit you and your objectives in the long run.

Property Investments

Our property service is designed to help you take advantage of one of the most robust and adaptable investment assets available today.

Protection Services

Discover how our trustworthy insurance services can protect your assets and the long-term wellness of you and your family.

Education Planning

Your children deserve the very best educational opportunities. Start planning for your children’s long-term future.

Start your journey to financial success

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Meet Our Team

CI-Associates offers a comprehensive suite of financial services to cater to your diverse needs:
Michael Cross
Michael Cross

Chairman of the board of Directors

Gavin Jacobs
Gavin Jacobs

Chief Executive Officer

Steven Gillespie

Chief Operating Officer

jonathan haskell
Jonathan Haskell

Senior Partner & Wealth Manager

Our Fund Managers

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Frequently Asked Questions

CI-Associates answers your most common financial queries.

Being a registered and licensed entity in Chile and Panama ensures that CI-Associates operates under strict regulatory frameworks. This commitment to compliance and professionalism provides our clients with confidence, security, and peace of mind in their financial dealings.
CI-Associates specializes in comprehensive retirement planning. We analyze your current financial situation, project future needs, and create a customized plan to ensure a comfortable and secure retirement.
Our advisors conduct thorough risk assessments to understand your comfort level and financial objectives. By employing modern risk management strategies, we tailor investment portfolios to match your individual risk profile.
The minimum investment amount varies based on your financial goals and the type of investment. CI-Associates works with clients to determine an investment strategy that aligns with their objectives, considering factors such as risk tolerance and time horizon.