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CI Associates is an independent firm of international financial advisors. We provide tailor-made financial solutions developed through comprehensive analysis and a personalized approach. Our boutique methodology and genuine interest in our clients’ evolving needs, enables us to work together to reach specific goals.

We see our clients as individuals, therefore our financial planning solutions and investment strategies are designed and implemented to adapt to an ever-changing international environment.

About Us CI Associates

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About Us CI Associates


Our philosophy is that we work exclusively for, and with, our clients in helping them preserve and enhance their wealth, sourcing the best investment opportunities, according to an individual’s risk profile.

Through this approach, we offer the opportunity to simplify our clients’ life by working with an independent advisor who coordinates the services from a group of qualified professionals with expertise in multiple disciplines.

We listen, understand, and act to make things happen so that you can enjoy more from life, as you define it.


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All consultations are treated in the strictest confidence and we are committed to provide the best solution to meet your individual circumstances.

We look to build a relationship for life and carry out regular reviews adapting our strategy as your situation, and that of your surrounding environment, changes and develops.

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  • International
    18, Avenida Louis-Casai
    1209 Ginebra, Suiza
    Tel: +41 22 747 7849
  • Argentina
    Bouchard 599, piso 20
    Buenos Aires, 1106, Argentina
    Tel: (+54 11) 4850 1387
  • Brasil
    Rua Visconde de Inhaúma, 83 – 16º e 17º piso
    Centro, Rio de Janeiro, 20091-007
    Tel: (+55) 21 3799 4127
  • Chile
    Caledonian House
    Golda Meir 79,
    Las Condes, Santiago de Chile
    Tel: (+56 2) 2 2481 7220
  • Colombia
    Carrera 18 No. 86A – 14
    Bogotá, Colombia
    Of: (+57 1) 638 6023
    Tel: (+57 1) 616 3030
  • Peru
    Piso 6, Torre 6, Centro Empresarial Real,
    Victor Andrés Belaúnde 147,
    San Isidro, Lima. Peru
    Tel: (+51) 920 169 656
  • Ecuador
    Piso 12, Oficina 1201,Edificio Argentum,
    Avanida de los Shyris N35-71 y Suecia,
    Quito, Ecuador
    Tel: (+593) 02 244 0670